By Sylvia K Delin

As an entrepreneur, you always have options.  Business generally carries with it a roller-coaster ride of financial successes and monetary declines.  One option open to the Real Estate owner is a hard money loan during a downturn.  

Quick Provision of Funds

Anyone who has applied for a bank loan in a financial emergency has a clear understanding that time is not of the essence for banks.  By contrast, Century Capital has a solid focus on your immediate needs and your actual timeframe.  We work with each client to timely provide necessary funding, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted business flow.


The parameters of each lending transaction involve a specific set of circumstances.  Therefore, Century Capital provides negotiable loan terms that match your current Real Estate investment needs.  Our flexibility covers primary concerns such as repayment schedules and the reduction or elimination of funding and other fees.    


The basis for loan approval is not your credit rating.  Instead, the value of your Real Estate collateral determines the existence and amount of your loan.  While the specific business property usually constitutes the collateral for funds provided, you may wish to use alternate Real Estate assets as security for a hard money loan.  


Do you have an immediate need to save your Real Estate property?  Is there a Real Estate investment opportunity that could be lost without timely acquisition?  Have building renovation costs accumulated beyond your budget?  The best response to each of these situations may be a bridge loan or Hard Money Loan to secure your enterprise, close on a good investment or complete the repairs/construction of your building.  

Hard money loans cut the red tape that banks put you through, providing a quick conversion from application to closing to meet the needs of your investment.  Century Capital aims to provide you with the financial tools necessary for the success of your Real Estate venture.

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