With nearly three decades of experience the Century Capital, LLC team offers New York and New Jersey residents solid commercial and hard money loans. Lenders at Century Capital pride themselves on being quick, innovative, and customer-centered. We understand that each loan situation is unique and requires looking at the big picture. Borrowers work with Century Capital because we:

● Issue commitment letters within 48 hours of applying

● Only take origination fees at closing

● Can close within 2 weeks

● Provide loans ranging from $500,000 to $10 million for all types of projects

● Want to help fellow New York and New Jersey residents buy, build, and renovate


Century Capital lenders are professional, accessible, and reliable. We are quicker than banks to approve loans and transfer funds and we do not charge a prepayment penalty when your secondary funding comes through. We have worked with numerous borrowers to figure out creative loan arrangements. Call today for an initial case evaluation.

Century Capital, LLC is a professional lending institution serving individuals throughout New York and New Jersey. We lend with utmost integrity and ethical workmanship. Our goal is not to make a quick buck on every potential borrower out there. Our proof is that we do not charge a prepayment penalty. At Century Capital, we are truly interested in helping serious business people invest their money to see returns which are predictable, consistent, and profitable.

Those who have worked with us already know and those who have not quickly learn that with Century Capital, you receive the industry’s most reliable lending expertise. We know how to evaluate property and measure market conditions. We know where a construction project can cut corners and where this is impossible. After more than 25 years in the business, Century Capital knows how to work with borrowers to create, build, and develop successfully. Enjoy your lending experience with Century Capital.

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