At Century Capital, LLC, we pride ourselves on being open, flexible, and innovative regarding hard money loan requirements. Every person’s financial situation is unique and we appreciate these differences. We do not provide cookie-cutter loans. Every loan we issue is tailor-made for the specific circumstances. If you think you may not qualify for a professional loan with Century Capital, you may be wrong. We have found creative alternatives to traditional loan structures on numerous occasions because we want to help individuals in New York and New Jersey with financing solutions.

In general, Century Capital carries the following hard money loan requirements:

● The loan range is $300,000 to $10 million

● We can create a solid payback strategy

● The funds will not be used to purchase the borrower’s single-family dwelling

After satisfying these three points, Century Capital is available to consider your loan application and consult with you to develop a working financial plan. Get started by contacting us today and we will evaluate all the possible options.

Loan Requirements


1-3 Years


Interest Rates

From 10.5%

Loan Size        

$300,000 - $10,000,000


Lending Area

Property Types

All commercial properties considered, including land


Interest Only

Loan to Value

 Up to 65%, 100% on construction budget

Funding Fee

 Between 1% to 5% taken at closing from loan proceeds

Closing Terms 

Closing within two weeks

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