4 Good Reasons To Contact Us For Your Loan

2) Fair Due-Diligence Fees

Our due-diligence fees consist of only what is necessary to cover the cost of the actual due-diligence. Commitment fees are paid at closing from proceeds.

1) You Need A Loan, Fast

We understand that you need to close on your loan in a time-sensitive manner. You'll receive our commitment for your loan in only 48 hours.

3) Benefit From Our 27 Years Of Experience

Through our experience, we have developed the expertise necessary to ensure that your project is funded in a fast, efficient, professional manner.

4) You Have a Low Credit Score Or Prior Bankruptcy

As long as your asset is sufficient to cover the LTV, we'll provide loans even to individuals with prior financial difficulties.

5) No Prepayment Penalty

Unlike banks and other private lending institutions, we never charge prepayment penalties. We are here to help you, not cheat you.

6) Flexible, Creative, Personalized Lending Solutions

We're a boutique firm which is dedicated to offering innovative financing solutions. Contact us now to get started on your loan.


"In all my dealings with Century Capital Partners, they have been honest, to the point, and and immediately responsive to the needs of me and my clients."

H-R Financial Services

Las Vegas, Nevada

"I've had a great experience working with a knowledgeable and helpful lender in David and Century Capital, honestly, they saved my project and now my renovation will go ahead as planned."

Victor Body-Lawson

CEO, Baltimore Renewal

"Thanks to the vision and quick action of Century Capital Partners to extend a construction loan to our firm, we expect to have our property fully occupied on schedule."

Meir Hillel

Vice President, Property Development, LLC

“More than $100 million of private capital is being invested in our city... [including] the rehabilitation of a 16-unit apartment building at 39 N. Burnett Street...The city’s goal to become an urban center of excellence is within our reach. Together, we will continue to work to make East Orange a great place to live, work and play.”

Mayor Lester E. Taylor III, Mayor of East Orange, NJ

"I worked with David many years ago on funding a property acquisition for a 500+ unit apartment community. David and his team did a great job and we got the building closed. Months later, we wanted to add a tax credit partner to the partnership, and David was very easy to work with. 

Jonathan Bell / CEO OHI"

Our Nationwide Portfolio Is Over $130 Million.

Here Are Some Of Our Recent Successes.

$7 Million Hotel Renovation Loan    East Village, Manhattan

$7 Million Hotel Renovation Loan

East Village, Manhattan

This loan funded a major renovation to the award winning Blue Moon Hotel in the trendy Lower East Side. The project will include renovations and interior design updates to reflect the historic style and discerning tastes of the area with 22 guest rooms and suites, ranging from 320 to 750 square feet offering private balconies and stunning city views.

    $7.3 Million Commercial Loan    Flatiron District, Manhattan


$7.3 Million Commercial Loan

Flatiron District, Manhattan

We recently funded the purchase of a plot of land housing a vacant 5-story apartment building in Manhattan's Flatiron District. The borrower plans to build a boutique hotel on this prime location at West 24th Street, just minutes from Madison Square Park. The property's market value was recently appraised at more than $15 milion.




$910,000 Loan Funded In One Day    Brooklyn, New York

$910,000 Loan Funded In One Day

Brooklyn, New York

When the borrowers' initial funding source was lost unexpectedly, they approached us in a state of desparation. We worked overtime with attorneys to draw up paper work, and took just one day to close on a $910,000 loan for a lot in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. A 14-unit condominium complex is planned. 

$1.4 Million Construction Loan    East Orange, New Jersey

$1.4 Million Construction Loan

East Orange, New Jersey

This regentrification project is part of a multi-deal package with a local renovation company. This loan will help elevate the property to attract positive clientèle to the area. as well as encourage greater development.