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Debtor-in-possession or DIP financing is one of Century Capital, LLC’s specialties. We have worked with business leaders throughout New Jersey and New York for nearly 30 years to help them get back on track. If you are facing financial distress, a corporate bankruptcy, or another business-related financial hurdle, Century Capital can provide the funds you need. We work more quickly than banks and do not charge a prepayment penalty.

Debtors-in-possession may qualify for a loan with Century Capital where:

● There is some asset available for loan collateral

● The borrower is considering filing or has filed bankruptcy under Chapter 11

● The business is still in operation

Even if there are other creditors in line, you may still qualify for a loan with Century Capital. We are the creative, flexible New York and New Jersey lenders. We look at your entire professional and personal portfolio to custom design a financing plan aimed at giving your business the boost it needs to continue. Contact Century Capital today to find out more.

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